Glen Meadow welcomes new students

Vernon. About 700 attend Back to school Night in advance of the beginning of 2019-20 school year.

| 09 Sep 2019 | 02:44

Almost 700 students, parents, siblings, and 80 teachers attended the Glen Meadow Middle School Family Back to School Night the evening of Sept. 3.

Upon arrival, each student received a school t-shirt, which they wore to their first day of classes, Sept. 4. Sixth-grade students received gold t-shirts, Seventh received navy blue t-shirts, and eighth received white t-shirts.

Principal Rosemary Gebhardt, who recently transferred from Cedar Mountain Primary School, explained everyone heard the same message at Family Back to School Night: what they need, what they will do in each classroom, and how they function in the building. Above all, she said, the teachers are there to care about the students, and the teachers want them to do well.

Furthermore, Gebhardt said, everything will “be predicated on the Glen Meadow Way: “Respect yourself and Others, Take Responsibility for your Actions, and Reach your 100 percent.”

All the families and students started in their child’s homeroom, where they heard the same screen cast prepared by Gebhardt and Assistant Principal Eric Kosek.

Gebhardt and Kosek reviewed teaching the whole child, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. They also said Glen Meadow will provide a strong academic foundation, as well as a variety of experiences outside of the classroom, thus, making a successful transition to high school.

Gebhardt encouraged the students to meet all their teachers, learn about each class, open their locker, and become acclimated to the building by knowing where the homeroom, cafeteria, library, and nurse’s office are located.

Kosek recommended the students discover their talents through rigorous academic programs, including courses which offer high school credit. He added that other opportunities were available such as: World languages, technology courses, which align with Vernon Township High School, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways, the arts, athletics, and clubs.

They are also bringing back the “Count Me in Program,” Kosek said, a direct correlation between attendance and academic achievement. Students will be rewarded, he continued, for perfect attendance during individual months, marking periods, and the school year. Additionally, he said, prizes include: sports equipment, electronics, watches, flat screen TV, bicycle, and more.

Gebhardt recommended families and students follow her blog, which is updated regularly with activities, events, news, and information. Furthermore, she said, the Glen Meadow Calendar has dates of all upcoming events and activities.

Other resources

Lindsay McAloney, who spear-headed “Pledge 2 Pause” before posting anything negative, helped whole families take the pledge together and stamp their red hand prints on a banner. In addition, the School Community Association and Vernon Coalition provided information to families.

Gebhardt said the school tries to bring in the community, “and all these people really build this school community.”