Hardyston lauds middle school teacher and administrative assistant of the year

Hardyston. Amy Rosetti was named Middle School Educator of the Year, and Nicole Meyer, assistant to the chief school administrator, was named the Middle School Educational Services Professional of the Year.

| 26 Feb 2021 | 12:32

A middle school teacher who brought a fresh approach to teaching during the pandemic, and an administrator’s assistant who keeps the wheels of progress turning without a hitch, were honored by the Hardyston school board at its Feb. 9 meeting.

Amy Rosetti was named Middle School Educator of the Year, announced Bob Demeter, the middle school vice principal.

Nicole Meyer, assistant to the chief school administrator, Mike Ryder, was named the Middle School Educational Services Professional of the Year.

Amy Rosetti

Demeter recalled interviewing seven instructors, Rosetti among them, for the open physical education position. He asked Rosetti about the strategies she uses to engage all different types of learners. She told him she would get students excited about a field day and other programs she wanted to run.

Rosetti brought a new approach to her classes, Demeter said. During the pandemic, she worked with administrators to break gym classes into smaller sizes so that all students could participate equally.

She also coaches field hockey and the track team and volunteers at the county track meet. Throughout the pandemic, Rosetti encouraged students to focus on the positive elements of the day, and engaged in mindfulness activities with students experiencing high anxiety, Demeter said.

She is also very much engaged with students outside gym class.

“You’ll see her walking around the track or walking around the building with her arm outstretched and on her phone, not taking a selfie, but is talking to her virtual students on her phone while teaching her students in class,” Demeter said. He thanked Rosetti for “her positive energy and for looking out for everyone’s well-being.”

Rosetti thanked everyone for her award, adding how much she wanted to be a part of Hardyston School District. “I’m honored and humbled, and couldn’t have done this without our Hardyston family which includes staff and students,” she said. “We have to remind ourselves to take that moment and find that sunshine in your day.”

Nicole Meyer

Ryder said he works the closest every day with Nicole Meyer. When he heard she was nominated, “I was so happy and so excited because it was finally going to be her time to shine.”

Meyer started her career at Hardyston in 2003 as a part-timer and helped open the new middle school. In 2007 she was hired as a full-time administrative assistant, a role she has held ever since then.

Ryder said Meyer has worked with five different superintendents. She has a perfect personality for the job, great work ethic, and a perfect perspective that makes any relationship work, he said.

Meyer has a sign in her office that says, “It is what it is.” Ryder said this accurately describes how Meyer works. She’s constantly being asked confidential questions and time-sensitive questions, and is the sounding board for many staff members.

Ryder relayed some of Meyer’s favorite sayings: “It’s not that much.” “It will only take five minutes.” “It’s not really a big deal.”

Meyer thanked everyone for the award and for Ryder’s kind words.

“She is the smooth-as-silk duck floating on top of the water while under the surface she is always working at a feverish pace,” said Ryder. “I would be completely lost without her.”