Hardyston plans to build new salt shed

Hardyston. The new shed will hold more road salt than the deteriorating structure to be replaced.

| 02 Feb 2021 | 10:36

In this season of snow and ice, Hardyston Township has turned its thoughts to building a new salt shed.

A new 4,100-square-foot shed will replace the deteriorating structure now being used to store the township’s road salt. The new shed will be larger than the old one, and so will store more salt. It will be located on the corner of North Church Road (County Road 631) and Route 94, in the rear of the property bordering North Church Cemetery, between the old first aid squad building and the old shed. It will have a metal arched roof with a fabric covering.

The old shed will be used, at least temporarily, to protect trucks and other equipment from the elements.

The township engineer, Mike Vreeland of Van Cleef Engineering, gave a site plan presentation before the Hardyston Township Planning Board at its Jan. 28 meeting.

The township manager, Carrine Piccolo-Kaufer, told the Advertiser-News that the project was funded by the Hardyston Township 2020 Capital Fund. The planning board found the project to be consistent with the goals of the township’s master plan. The township council has already approved the plan as part of the township’s 2020 budget.

The new shed is projected to be completed by the end of February or March, depending on the weather.

Sheds prevent municipal salt supplies from dissolving and clumping when exposed to rain or snow. Runoff from dissolved salt can contaminate groundwater and streams.

Shed specs:
Location: Corner of North Church Road (County Road 631) and Route 94
Completion date: End of February or March
Footprint: 4,100 square feet
Dimensions: 76 by 54 feet
Height: 33 to 35 feet
Materials: Metal arched roof with fabric covering
Setbacks: 188 feet from Route 94 and 177 feet from North Church Road