Harry J. Shortway

| 24 Oct 2019 | 02:51

Office Sought: Township Council

Age: 62

Political History: Council 2010-2011, Mayor 2016 to present.

Occupation: Mayor (Retired police officer); Director ,Mad Dawg Lacrosse and Field Hockey

Education: BA Criminal Justice Studies Alfred University, 15 master credits in education; Jersey City College

Family: Spouse-Cherie; General Manager Mad Dawg Lacrosse and Field Hockey; Matt Shortway, age 37; Married, three children. Owner/Operator Shortway Brewery & Major, U.S. Marine Corp Reserves. Veteran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Derek Shortway, age 34; Married two children. General Manager Sky Zone Trampoline Park and owner, Grassroots Leather. U.S. Army Veteran, Afghanistan. Dr. Kendahl Shortway, age 33; Psychology Professor Kean University. Zach Shortway, age 29; Co-owner and operator Sthira Sukha Yoga, Vernon.

Top three issues: 1. Real financial accountability: Allowed us to endure the Mountain Creek (MC) Bankruptcy. We successfully created a mechanism for revenue allowing MC to develop and saved taxpayers $28 million of debt. Controlled development will decrease sewer deficit and stabilize rates. The opportunity to pursue my proposed Highlands Enterprise Zone legislation to cut the sales tax in half on products sold in Vernon. Advocate paying down existing debt to avoid permanent financing, reduce interest and life of the debt taken to save millions over 10 years. Continue our fully-funded capital purchasing plan with a strict $1,000,000 Capital Improvement Fund Continue to build the fund balance and move to a cash system for short term asset purchases. Pursue Short Term Rental Ordinance. An estimated 220 STRs are in operation without safety inspections. Vernon is losing $150,000 annually without the ordinance to collect the 3 percent tax.2. Environment: The dumping at the Silver Spruce landfill has stopped. The owner is being prosecuted. I will continue to call for legislation to define such actions as crimes that impose real prison terms. 3. Recreation Asset Plan. 25% of hotel occupancy tax revenue dedicated to maintenance of recreational assets, field replacement and tourism.