Harvey S. Roseff, incumbent for Byram council

Harvey S. Roseff (Respect for the Taxpayer) is an incumbent running for re-election on the Byram Township Council

Byram /
| 28 Oct 2021 | 05:40

For two decades, I’ve successfully challenged local government to provide cost effective services that deliver value to our residents.

After leading Faulkner Petition challenges that defeated outrageously expensive government proposals for an $11 million municipal building, and then a $7 million building, I stepped up and became your councilperson in 2017.

I ask for your support for my re‐election. Let’s continue the progress that has been made. Some first term accomplishments:

New Municipal Building approach has received repeated assurances of a $5.5mm cost (and at this still lofty level should be finally put to a public referendum.)

Championed a focus on roads and called for Byram DPW’s first hot asphalt equipment for which we are now seeing results.

Championed use of Open Space Tax/balances for recreation infrastructure, not more land.

Discovered the bank was shortchanging when paying interest on balances. Byram has received an extra $100,000+.

Initiated the Board of Public Utilities dialogue and utility monopoly engagement for better internet service/natural gas.

Helped deliver 3 years of small tax increases, one year of decrease. As a high tech small businessman, I’m a problem solver with a demonstrated taxpayer backbone.

My education is as an electrical engineer/BSEE, and my business is to define, provide and support advanced research equipment regarding mechanical dynamics in fields of vibration, acoustics, pressure pulsations and spray formation.

I’ve been a resident of Byram for 34 years.