Highland Lakes hosts winter carnival

| 05 Feb 2018 | 03:19

Snow, freezing temperatures and crystal ice may sound like perfect reasons to stay snuggly in one’s home. Not to the residents of Highland Lakes, who held their annual Winter Carnival in the warmth of the Highland Lakes Country Club clubhouse on Saturday, Feb. 3.
Relieving their cabin fever, youngsters and community volunteers took part in winter fun like tossing penguins and snowballs into drums and targets, coloring brisk winter scenes, creating winter crafts and snacking on pre-Super Bowl fun food delights.
Skylands Ice World sales associate Jessica Baker officiated at a table stacked with information on learning to ice skate and registering for playing hockey.
“We’re reminding everyone about our Free Skate and Open House at Skylands coming up on Wednesday February 14,” said Baker.
Erin Carr and Marina Agacinski of Skylands Stadium were also in attendance, distributing information about this year’s Frozen in Ice at the stadium. This year’s theme ice sculptures are the wild west. Frozen in Ice will be on display until Feb. 25. The young ladies also had information about Skylands’ upcoming golf outing on April 30. And can spring be far behind when we talk baseball with the Sussex County Miners and their mascot Herbie.
Jack Jablonski talked ice fishing and displayed his fishing equipment, including his live meal worms. Jablonski has been ice fishing for roughly 36 years, enjoying his usual stint of about four hours on the ice, but admitted that Saturday’s temperatures were a bit too cold for him.
The day of fun and winter experiences continued until 5 p,m. last Saturday.