John Auberger, incumbent for Vernon Township Council

John Auberger (A Person, Not A Politician) is vice president of the Vernon Township Council and is running for re-election.

| 28 Oct 2021 | 05:07

I have been a resident of Vernon for 55 years; my family had a small dairy farm where Settlers Notch now exist. I attended Vernon Township High School, graduated from Sussex County Fire Academy with certifications in Firefighter I, II, III, and Hazmat training at Bergen County Community College. I worked for Vernon Township Board of Education in the maintenance area and Vernon Township DPW as a road repairman for a total of 32 years.

In addition to being a lifelong resident, I have been a volunteer fireman since 1989 and continue to be actively involved in the Vernon Fire Department on a daily basis in protecting the community.

Currently I have been on the Vernon Town Council since 2018 supporting the betterment of community and people. I also served on the Environmental Commission since 2016, and currently serving on the Land Use Board.

My top three issues are as follows:

1. Making Vernon Township more business friendly as well as for our residents when seeking permits from building or zoning.

2. Continue working on the township debt.

a. The current council and Vernon Township MUA organization have made great strides in trying to reduce the debt and improve operations over the last year or so.

b. Additionally, we have work to manage our fleet coast for DPW, Vernon Township MUA, Police, Fire and EMS while still providing services and other amenities.

c. Our future work will be to continue to manage and control cost.

3. Government

a. After watching the council of the past few years, this current council has shown how people can work together for the betterment of Vernon and its resident. Because really that is why you, the voters should be electing people to serve on this council.

That being said, I would like to thank the residents of Vernon for allowing me to have served the Township these last four years. And if they wish to re-elect me, I will continue to do what I see best for the township and residents.