Law makes it easier for veterans to obtain ID cards

| 23 Jan 2018 | 01:59

    TRENTON — Governor Christie signed legislation making it easier for veterans to obtain county identification cards. Assemblymen Anthony M. Bucco and Parker Space sponsor the new law which allows Veterans to qualify for cards with approved separation forms specified by all branches of the military. No longer will they be required to show DD-214 forms. The bill also opens the ID program to veterans who served in the National Guard in other states.
    “All veterans, including those who served the country in the National Guard deserve easy access to services that they can receive with county veteran IDs,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “Easing the burden of qualifying will ensure more veterans will have better access to the benefits they have earned.”
    County veteran identification cards will include the date of issuance and indicate the separation form used to prove eligibility.
    “Identification cards issued by counties are the keys to accessing many of the services earned by our veterans,” said Space. “This bill means more former military men and women will benefit from the help and programs that are available.”