Local candidates for June 8 primary

| 14 May 2021 | 12:04

Primaries in both Sussex Borough and Wantage will be unopposed on June 8, as two Sussex County Councilman and a Wantage committeeman seek re-election.

New Jersey primaries are open to registered members of a party. An unaffiliated voter can participate in the primary of their choice by affiliating with the party on the day of the election. All others must do so 55 days before the primary.

Sussex Councilman Charles H. Fronheiser Jr. and Jake Little are running unopposed for the Republican nomination to their two seats. Damaris Lira is seeking one of the Democratic nominations.

William Gaechter is running unopposed for the Republican nomination for his seat on the Wantage Township Committee.

There are no primaries in Vernon Township, where the government is chartered by the Faulkner Act, which calls for non-partisan elections in November.

There are two unopposed county commissioner primaries. Incumbent Republican Commissioners Dawn Fantasia and Chris Carney are the only candidates for their two seats. There are also two Democrats – Paul Scott and Michael Vrabel – seeking the Democratic nomination for the seats.

County clerk Jeffrey Parrott is running unopposed for his position.

Two seats are open on the state committee. Republicans Jill Space and William Hayden are seeking the Republican nomination to the seats, while Democrats Anthony Riccardi and Michele Van Allen are seeking the Democratic nominations.

Sussex County
Clerk (Vote for 1)
Jeffrey Parrott
Republican (Vote for 2)
Dawn Fantasia
Christopher Carney
Scott Paul
Michael Vrabel
State Committee (Vote for 2)
Jill Space
William Hayden
Anthony J. Riccardi
Michele Van Allen
Sussex Borough Council (Vote for 2)
Charles H. Fronheiser, Jr.
Jake Little
Damaris Lira
Wantage Township Committee (Vote for 1)
William Gaechter