Ogdensburg approves administrative fees for Heaters Pond, pavilion rental

Ogdensburg. In other business, the borough council is preparing to get a town notification system, and delayed changing the borough’s water billing dates until the second half of 2022.

| 27 Dec 2021 | 03:38

The Ogdensburg Borough Council approved its administrative fees ordinance in a 3-1 at its Dec. 13 meeting.

Councilman Michael Nardini votied against the measure.

Nardini said the Ogdensburg Recreation Association, an in-town organization that manages swimming, basketball, and soccer for residents, was removed from the recreation usage ordinance.

In addition, he said, the ordinance was revised to allow a potential fee for one-time and seasonal uses, including other local non-profits, like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

Nardini said non-profits should not be subject to a fee when they directly benefit residents.


The following fees apply to Ogdensburg residents and their guests:

● Boat licenses (available to Ogdensburg residents only), $5 annually

● The Heater’s Pond badge for swimming, fishing, and picnicking (Ogdensburg residents only), $5 per person annually up to $25 for a family (one household)

● Children age three and older (Ogdensburg residents only), $1 annually

● No fees will be charged borough residents who are veterans or who are age 65 or older and present identification.

● For those who live outside the borough is the Heater’s Pond guest badge, available only to guests of valid Heater’s Pond badges. The cost is $1 per guest per day, up to five daily guest badges annually per resident badge holder.

Borough facilities may also be leased to organizations:

● Pavilion, $100 per day

● Municipal facilities, $100-$500 per day

● The seasonal use fee for municipal facilities ranges from $250 to $2,000 per season, depending on how many people will be using the facility.

● The application fee is $25.

Town to get notification system: Mayor George Hutnick thanked Councilman Nardini for researching an Ogdensburg notification system that would notify all residents who sign up of any changes in the borough, including emergencies and water outages. Police will have access to the system for emergency broadcasts. Chief financial officer Mike Marceau said they will prepare a resolution for the reorganization meeting on Jan. 3.
New water billing dates: The council delayed changing the borough’s water billing dates until the second half of 2022. That way, said Councilwoman Brenda Cowdrick, the borough will have time to give residents sufficient notice. Mayor Hutnick recommended notifying residents during the first half of the year and changing the billing dates during the second half. The new phone notification system will be used to send notices, he said. The council is changing the billing dates so that tax bills and water bills do not come due at the same time, and to alleviate the quantity of physical mail in borough hall. It was suggested notifications be sent to residents recommending online payments using the free ACH debits or credit cards.
Interest on delinquent water payments: Borough clerk/registrar Robin Hough asked about a Gov. Murphy executive order that prevents the borough from charging interest on delinquent water invoices. The executive order expires on Jan. 1, unless Murphy extends the deadline. Chief financial officer Mike Marceau said the executive order prevents the borough from raising water rates, while also requiring that the borough notify residents monthly about the rule change, where they can get state assistance for their water bills, and payment plan information.
Predmore Road: Mayor Hutnick said after working on the Predmore Road water drainage problem for the last couple of years, the council finally has the approvals it needs, and the project is going out to bid. He said hurricanes broke the dam and destroyed a nearby pond years ago; instead of water flowing into the pond from the mountain and trickling back out of the pond, the water travels straight down the mountain. Councilman Nardini said they will keep the existing system, since the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection said Ogdensburg could not modify the roadway or pipe. They are only replacing and rebuilding what already exists to keep the state at bay, he said, and the borough Department of Public Works will continue to maintain the path so it stays open and the water flows naturally.
2022 reorganization meeting: Ogdensburg will hold its reorganization meeting on Jan. 3 at 7 p.m.
Holiday schedule: The council unanimously added Martin Luther King Junior Day as a paid holiday for employees.