Ogdensburg approves Covid policy for municipal workers

Ogdensburg. The borough council also discussed the First Aid Squad building, road grants, and playground safety, among other matters.

| 23 Dec 2020 | 03:23

The Ogdensburg Borough Council on Dec. 14 approved a COVID-19 policy for municipal workers in an effort to avoid misunderstandings. The policy passed with one abstention by Councilman Anthony Nasisi. Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell was absent.

Mayor George Hutnick said the policy is subject to change. The policy follows Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and worthwhile to follow for life in general, he said.

In other business

First Aid Squad building: Mayor Hutnick said the building ownership is yet to be reassigned to the borough. Councilman Nasisi said the transfer of ownership might be completed in the summer.

Nasisi said the First Aid Squad will pay for a new above-ground oil tank and for removal of the underground tank.

Hutnick said the first aid equipment is accessible for use by police and fire services.

Road grants: The council president, Michael Nardini, said the borough was denied the Predmore Road grant. However, work on Plant Street is moving forward. The borough submitted its plan to the state for use of the grant. He also said the work will include a guardrail and two new drains.

In addition, Nardini said, Edison Road is the next grant, with changes, and the borough will work to get that project started.

Hutnick said that, although the grant to fix Predmore Road fell through, the borough has already allocated money to fix the road.

Playground safety: Hutnick said Councilwoman O’Dell received estimates for the slide to be replaced. Officials will work with finance to include funds in the upcoming budget, and will also check into possible grants.

Paper Road: Hutnick said the Land Use Board is working with an owner who applied for zoning after creating a road to access a septic system, possibly through borough property. Currently, the board is trying to identify property rights.

Robert McBriar, borough attorney, said the title report has been ordered and should arrive before the holidays.

Fire marshal: Councilwoman Rachel Slater said another Ogdensburg Volunteer Fire Department member may become the fire marshal.

Sussex County Economic Partnership: Jacqueline Espinoza, representing the Sussex County Economic Development Partnership, said the partnership is recognizing all mayors throughout Sussex County, and that Hutnick will receive a certificate for all of his work during the difficult Covid era. “Thank you for all you’ve done to keep Ogdensburg going,” Espinoza said.

Hutnick said thank you, and that he had a lot of people helping him along the way.