Ogdensburg Council addresses well and water main issues

Ogdensburg. The council also says the borough has enough road salt left for the rest of winter.

| 05 Mar 2021 | 02:02

Ogdensburg will research problems with the Center Street well before spending $4,000 to $6,500 to replace a Variable Frequencies Drive (VFD) in the Center Street Well.

VFD technology provides consistent water pressure, working on the principle of varying motor input frequency and voltage.

At the Feb. 22 council meeting, Councilman Michael Nardini said he wanted to determine the best course of action after also researching surge protectors and verifying the electrical configuration coming into the building. He said the Plant Street well is still operational with a backup generator.

● Beardslee Hill Loop water main: Nardini said he is waiting for Borough Engineer Michael Vreeland to recommend a solution for water main problems on Beardslee Hill Drive. Additional problems exist in Ogdensburg, he said, because four-inch cast iron mains currently connect into six-inch cast iron mains.

Nardini also said there are a number of grants available, including USDA grants, for water distribution systems. Money may be available to update Beardslee Drive, Main Street, Clark Street, and other mains. Older cast iron water mains cause frequent main breaks, he said.

● Salt supply: Nardini said the borough recently received two truckloads of salt. Every town within a six-state region was in an emergency situation regarding their salt supplies, he said.

He said Ogdensburg has enough salt for the rest of the winter. The governor’s office hopes to catch up with the statewide demand and then deliver the balance of salt, which the borough ordered, he said.

● Fees for officers performing quasi-public police services: The council unanimously approved an ordinance amending the fees for officers performing quasi-public police services.