Ogdensburg council introduces body art ordinance, borrows $715K for equipment

Ogdensburg. The Ogdensburg council took a range of actions at its Aug. 24 meeting.

| 25 Aug 2020 | 02:16

Body art ordinance: The council unanimously introduced an ordinance for tattoo, body piercing, and body art establishments. A public hearing on the ordinance will be held Sept. 14. Mayor George Hutnick said the council introduced the ordinance because a business wants to open in the borough and requires a license.

Bond ordinance: The council unanimously approved a $715,000 bond ordinance for vehicles, improvements, and equipment. Councilman John Cruz was absent. Officials also agreed to make a $250,000 down payment for fire apparatus and equipment.

Salt shed roof: Councilman Anthony Nasisi said the salt shed roof has been delayed by the contractor and should be completed in around a month.

Predmore Road: Mayor Hutnick said the Predmore Road project has started. However, he said, bog turtles have been discovered in the middle of the road, and the borough is waiting for wildlife officials to examine the turtles, which are federally protected. Workers are moving the pipe without disturbing the surrounding habitat, he said, but the borough must wait to find out how to proceed.

Water tanks: Council President Michael Nardini said both water tanks have been inspected, and that the council is now waiting for the reports.

Heater’s Pond: Heater’s Pond will be closing on Sept. 7.