Ogdensburg discusses modest water rate increase

Ogdensburg. The pipes are too old to qualify for grants that will pay for major repairs.

| 05 Oct 2021 | 01:59

Ogdensburg officials on Sept. 27 discussed raising the water rate by a modest amount and plan to take action at the next council meeting.

Councilman Michael Nardini said the modest increases would help fuel the fund balance on the water operating side.

In addition, he said, the pipes are so old that only minimal grants and loans are available for major repairs.

The borough attorney, Robert McBriar, said he will prepare an ordinance for consideration at the next meeting that will go into effect as soon as possible thereafter.

Police body cameras: The council unanimously accepted the New Jersey Police Department Body-Worn Camera Grant of $14,266 to buy cameras for the borough police. Councilwoman Brenda Cowdrick and Councilman Anthony Nasisi were absent.
Ordinance to update fees: The council unanimously introduced an ordinance to update fees regarding returned checks, tax collector calculations, and animal control fees. A public hearing on the proposal will be held on Oct. 13.
Disaster planning: The council unanimously authorized the New Jersey Hazard Mitigation Plan to guide the borough in reducing hazards before and after disasters. The plan will be updated with the county every five years.
Ogdensburg Senior of the Year: Mayor George Hutnick said August Rutkowski, former Ogdensburg Mayor, was named the Ogdensburg Senior of the Year. The “Rutkowski” street sign has been ordered, Hutnick said, with the current “Sabourin” street sign to be given to the Sabourin family.
Dock repair: Councilman Nardini said the last hurricane bent the pipes of the swim docks. The Department of Public Works tried to straighten them out, but the pipes need more work. Nardini suggested getting a quote for repairs.
Water tank cleaning: Councilman Nardini said now that they have a permanent water operator, the water tank cleaning will be completed during a school break over a long weekend. He said the cleaning is being done in response to last year’s water tank inspections.
Internet/emails: Councilman Nardini recommended investing in a new hosting system and permanent email box. He said emails sent to borough hall arrive an hour later, or not at all, because the current email system and server are too slow. Officials agreed to the proposal. Nardini said he will contact each borough department to fine-tune the details.
Fire department dumpster: Council President Rachel Slater asked why the fire department dumpster is being replaced with smaller dumpsters. Officials will need to contact Blue Diamond Disposal to find out.