Ogdensburg OKs $715K bond

Ogdensburg. The Ogdensburg Council has approved a $715,000 bond to pay for equipment, including a police SUV and a new fire engine. The public hearing is scheduled for Monday.

| 18 Aug 2020 | 11:19

The Ogdensburg Council unanimously approved a $715,000 bond, Aug. 10, to pay for various public improvements, equipment, a new police SUV, fire engine, and equipment.

Public hearing will be Aug. 24. Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell and Councilman Nelson Alvarez were absent.

Chief Financial Officer Michael Marceau said the bond also included various municipal facility improvements. He explained that by making a 5 percent down payment of $35,750, they will take out notes of $679,250. With interest at $70,000 a year, he said, that would be 2.5 tax points or around $25 in taxes.

Additionally, Marceau explained that various levels of prepayment of the fire truck chassis through the Houston-Galveston Co-op. will result in discounts from $5,000 to $12,000. He did not recommend 100 percent prepayment, in case something happens, and the company has all of the money.

Councilwoman Rachel Slater asked about paying $250,000.

Marceau said that is about a 50 percent down payment which most towns do. He will send an email to the council for input before the purchase order comes for everyone to approve and sign.

The ordinance should be effective around Sept. 21, and Marceau said they will receive the fire truck in around 300 days, “Everything should be settled by the end of summer next year.”

Mayor George Hutnick discussed the pros and cons of fire truck generators with Bill Allen. He emphasized having the right personnel making decisions about the fire engine equipment, because, “I don’t put on a pack and go on.”

Allen explained that the Ogdensurg Volunteer Fire Department already owned one of the apparatus, and the new fire truck will be a pumper as well as a rescuer. He said in the history of the town, they had purchased seven pumpers in 100 years. Furthermore, he said, it was historic, and they appreciated the council’s trust.