Ogdensburg opens its recycling center

Ogdensburg. Mayor George Hutnick reviewed the rules set down by the recycling company that contracts with the borough. These rules have not been enforced in the past, he said, but will be going forward.

| 23 Jun 2020 | 02:47

Opening day at the recycling center in Ogdensburg on June 20 “was very successful,” said Mayor George Hutnick, with “everyone was polite and courteous.”

The center closed at around 11:15 a.m. because all three dumpsters were completely full by that time.

Some residents were unhappy, Hutnick said, because plastic bags are not accepted at the center as recyclables. At the Ogdensburg Council meeting on June 22, the mayor reviewed the recycling company’s requirements, which will be enforced going forward:

• Residents must show a photo ID if they are not recognized by staff.

• All cardboard boxes must be flattened.

• Other recyclables must be washed and cleaned.

• Recyclables left curbside will not be picked up, and dumpsters will not be emptied, if the rules are not followed. Residents will have to wait for the next pickup or bring their disposables to the center.

• Refrigerators left for bulk curbside pickup must have a certified freon-free sticker on them, from a company licensed to remove freon. If the sticker is not on the refrigerator, the recycling company will not pick it up. Residents may still take refrigerators to the landfill.

• Residents are allowed to put one washer or dryer at a time on the curb for recycling.

• The recycling company will take microwaves.

Hutnick said the borough is following the recycling company’s rules. Some residents asked about the sudden change, but these have always been the rules, except they were not enforced, he said.

The mayor is also drawing up garbage and bulk waste rules.

Until Hutnick is able to hire staff to cover the recycling center hours, council members are volunteering to do the work. Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell and Councilman Nelson Alvarez volunteered to split the 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. shift this Saturday, June 27.

In other business:
Internet cable: The council unanimously agree to allow Planet Networks Inc. to use the public rights-of-way to install a fiber optic network in Ogdensburg. CEO Robert Boyle said after the company receives permission to use power and phone company poles, it will lash the fiber optic cable onto steel cables with a thin stainless steel wire. The company will also start surveying Ogdensburg residents. Residents may check if service is available and log their interest at Getplanetfiber.com. The installation will start in the highest-density areas. “It is their goal to eventually serve every single person in the town,” Boyle said.
Municipal salt shed roof: The council unanimously agreed to contract with SJ Louis Construction to repair the municipal salt shed roof.
Storm drain repairs: Ogdensburg will receive $175,000 from New Jersey to repair its storm drains.