Ogdensburg talks about the fun stuff: Halloween, Little Free Library

Ogdensburg. On the agenda are the PTO’s Halloween Parade and outdoor trunk-or-treat, plus a proposal to establish a Little Free Library by the Bridge Street soccer field.

| 27 Oct 2020 | 03:16

The Borough of Ogdensburg Council met to discuss some projects and activities coming up to make life more fun for residents.

Halloween Parade and trunk-or-treat

The Ogdensburg Parent Teacher Organization will have its usual Halloween Parade this year, at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 31, along with an outdoor trunk-or-treat on the firehouse ballfield.

PTO member Jane Krueger told the borough council on Oct. 14 that the organization has already received guidance from the department of health, superintendent of schools David Astor, and the fire department. Because many residents are uncomfortable with people coming to their homes, she said, trunk-or-treat is a good alternative. Krueger also asked for permission to use the town’s property and for help notifying residents.

Mayor George Hutnick agreed to the PTO’s requests. In case of rain before the event, vehicles should not drive on the field, he said.

Hutnick said trunk-or-treat is a safe activity for children and parents who do not want to go door-to-door but still want to enjoy themselves on Halloween. He suggested having a DJ play music in the middle of the field, with the borough providing a generator. The council will post details on the borough’s Facebook page and website.

Krueger said she will ask Astor about using the school parking lots in case of rain before the event. She would also like to coordinate announcing the winner of the PTO scarecrow contest at the Halloween celebration.

Little Free Library

Resident Krista Hornyak presented an idea to build a Little Free Library by the Bridge Street soccer field. She explained it would be a weather-proof, outdoor structure, like a cabinet.

The community donates media to share with one another. The idea is for members of the community to take a book and leave a book, Hornyak said. The website for the nationwide project, littlefreelibrary.org, recommends picking a place with a lot of foot traffic. She said people take daily walks, walk their dogs, and play soccer games around the proposed location.

Hutnick asked Hornyak to submit a proposal with more details, like the type of structure to be installed and its dimensions, how the program will work, and who is responsible for the equipment. After the council receives the proposal, he said, they will discuss it further.

Councilman Anthony Nasisi said the council may need permission from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection because the suggested site is on state property. Hutnick said the council will reach out to the DEP with a permission request.

Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell said the Little Free Library would not be a permanent structure.