Ogdensburg to list roads that need work

Ogdensburg. Engineer Michael Vreeland recommended selecting higher-volume roads, roads that connect with county roads, or roads that intersect with a state highway as the best way to get state funding.

| 12 May 2020 | 02:06

Ogdensburg is looking at the roads and other byways that will be needing work in 2021.

With an eye on the July 1 deadline for grant applications, engineer Michael Vreeland asked the council at its May 11 meeting which roads they'd like to see get state funds in 2021.

Vreeland recommended selecting higher-volume roads, roads that connect with county roads, or roads that intersect with a state highway. Those types of projects typically score better in the review process that decides where the money will go, he said.
After the council develops a list of potential roads, Vreeland said, they can make measurements, begin the grant application, and issue a borough resolution for submission to the state.

The funds are granted by the New Jersey Department of Transportation through its Municipal Aid Program. Vreeland said the Municipal Aid Program has seven grant categories: Bike-way, Bridge Preservation, Mobility, Pedestrian Safety, Quality of Life, Roadway Preservation, and Roadway Safety. Ogdensburg's last two applications were filed under the Roadway Preservation category, he said.

Currently, Vreeland said, Ogdensburg has a 2019 grant for Plant Street. Work is underway with plans and specifications for that project, he said. Ogdensburg also has a 2020 grant for Passaic Avenue, he said.

Ogdensburg has two years, from the date it receives a grant notification, to hire a contractor.

In other business:
Salary ordinance: The council adopted an ordinance to amend the previous salary ordinance, then adopted a resolution to fix the salaries of certain officers and employees. Both votes were unanimous.
Historical building: Councilman Anthony Nasisi said the boiler at the historical building is finished, and that he will have the oil tank removed. He hopes to secure a formal quote before the next meeting.
Social media: Mayor George Hutnick reminded the council to be “mindful” of social media posts, in light of the frustration citizens feel right now. He said he did not want to cause any unnecessary backlash.
Honoring tech school seniors: Resident Vicki Schroeder recommended honoring Wallkill Valley Regional High School and Sussex County Technical School seniors from Ogdensburg, possibly with a banner, to show support for the students during this difficult time. Officials agreed. Mayor Hutnick said he would speak with the chief financial officer about their options. Councilwoman Rachel Slater said she did not think funding was an issue, but that the council needed to verify how to legally pay for the banner.