Portable speed signs expected to improve Stanhope’s response to speeding problem

Stanhope. Borough administrator Brian McNeilly said the cost would be about $6,500, with the money already available to cover the cost.

| 05 Nov 2021 | 01:03

The Stanhope council agreed to purchase portable radar speed signs to address speeding problems in the borough.

The council voted unanimously to buy two TC 400 Portable Radar Speed Signs, five brackets, rechargeable batteries, and software at their meeting on Oct. 12. Councilmen Anthony Riccardi and Bill Thornton were absent.

Borough administrator Brian McNeilly said the cost would be about $6,500, and that the borough already has capital money available to cover the cost. To regularly rotate the sign locations, they could leave brackets on poles, he said.

The portable signs will allow a same-day response to speeding complaints from residents. Furthermore, the signs give feedback in the form of statistics, including the date, time, and severity of speeding. The borough can also program the desired message to communicate to drivers.

McNeilly explained that, since their last council meeting, the council has received many questions about speeding on residential streets. In response to concerns, they were already moving the speed trailer from street to street, which was cumbersome.

Officials agreed that the portable signs will allow them to respond more quickly to residents’ concerns.

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