Project Help establishes new help for veterans and active military

SUSSEX. If you’ve served and are looking to connect with other servicemen, check out this new community.

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| 11 Aug 2022 | 10:53

Project Help recently announced the launch of a new secure place for veterans to come together to help each other tackle the myriad issues they face today. “A Warrior’s Welcome, Transitioning and Remembering,” is a military and veteran’s community aimed at doing just that.

The meetings will be facilitated by Reno Schwind, a Marine Corps veteran and resident of Sussex County,” said Sandy Mitchell, founder of Project Help.

During a veteran’s military service, their base, ship or shore station is a place to call home — a safe haven to share the company of those with a common mission. A Warrior’s Welcome aims to create that same spirit of brotherhood at its weekly gatherings. A Warrior’s Welcome will consist only of active service and veterans, and will provide a safe place for all veterans to communicate and engage with other veterans on a level that may not be possible in most social networking environments.

A Warrior’s Welcome gathering encourages informal discussions on a wide range of interests — such as personal problems, local community concerns, uplifting stories and humor, and other topics determined by the group. Quite often the discussions are about issues they are trying to handle.

With a number of members suffering from combat-related and other health issues, A Warrior’s Welcome’s weekly network support gatherings provides a safe environment where veterans can discuss the situations they face each day. As deemed necessary and desired, there will be experts in the field join the meeting.

Once every other month a webinar will be held to help veterans with issues, answer questions, and bring in experts to supply real answers to the problems they face.

A Warrior’s Welcome has plans to evolve into a hybrid event, meaning it will be virtual and live at the same time, so more servicemembers will be able to participate. This networking group is for men only. There will, in time, be a group for women only. To join A Warrior’s Welcome, visit the following link:

All questions can be directed to Reno Schwind at or Sandy Mitchell at Need an urgent response? Call Mitchell at 973-875-2068.

Project Help is a grass roots 501c3 organization whose mission is to support and serve military and veterans in times of need. Through their hardship fund, they are able to provide grants to veterans and military in crisis situations. The organization has a significant need for volunteers, board members and donors.

“You can visit our website [] to learn more about our mission and how you can get involved” said Mitchell.