Rotary planning ‘Flags for Heroes’

Vernon. The Vernon Rotary Club is promoting its annual fundraiser in which residents can sponsor a flag for their heroes.

Vernon /
| 03 Oct 2022 | 03:50

On the sidewalk in front of Mac & Lindys at the Acme shopping Plaza, four members of the Vernon Rotary Club set up a table to promote their annual fundraiser, “Flags for Heroes”.

Vernon residents chose to sponsor a flag dedicated to their hero. The stunning display of 150 flags will be set up around Veterans Day in front of the Vernon Fire Department on Route 515 South. Every flag is a tribute to a Hero of Military, Police, a First Responder or anyone who has made a difference in their lives.

Each flag has an ornament, or medallion, with information provided by the sponsor. The money raised by this fundraiser goes back to the community through various channels such as food pantries, The Dictionary Project, Financial Awards to High School seniors, and many other civic causes.

To sponsor a flag, our email address is, or call our Treasurer Peter Warren (862) 354-2753.