School board OKs Glen Meadow fence, swings

Vernon. The Vernon Township School District Board of Education approved new fencing to be installed at Glen Meadow Middle School and the installation of a new swings.

| 23 Aug 2021 | 04:59

The Vernon Township School District Board of Education on Aug. 19 approved the spending of about $22,000 to install a new playground and additional fencing at Glen Meadow Middle School.

The district will spend $10,582 on the fencing, which will be installed by Challenger Fence, Inc., and $11,391.92 for a playground to be purchased and installed by Benn Shaffer Recreation, Inc.

The fencing plan goes an additional 120 feet in addition to the additional 80 feet of fencing outside the school. Then at the corner near the telephone poles, will be another 102 feet of fencing.

The fencing will be four-feet high, black with top and bottom rails. The existing fencing may stay or may be replaced.

The playground purchase will be made through the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey.

The playground calls for two traditional swings four playmats, and everything required for construction.