Seven interviews scheduled for Vernon schools’ business administrator

Vernon. Diana Risse was hired as an interim business manager. Superintendent Karen D’Avino will present her selection for permanent business administrator to the board of education this month.

| 20 Oct 2020 | 11:22

Vernon Township School District Superintendent Karen D’Avino announced at a recent work session that she has scheduled seven interviews for the district’s new permanent business administrator.

D’Avino is being assisted in the search by a four-person committee of Board of Education President Justin Annunziata, and school board members Mark Cilli, Kelly Mitchell, and Joe Sweeney. D’Avino said they have assisted with interviews.

There have been about 21 applicants.

D’Avino said they are completing Level 1 of the search and expects to move to Level 2 by the third week of October, at which time she’ll be checking references and make a presentation to the Board of Education.

The district’s business administrator, Steve Kepnes announced his retirement in August and Friday will be his last day on the job. In the interim, D’Avino has hired Diana Risse as an interim business manager at a rate of $600 per day through June 30. The deal contains a 30-day separation period from either side.

“I was considering not leaving because it’s a whole lot better with two of us,” Kepnes joked.

She started work with the district on Oct. 6 as assistant business administrator, giving her a chance to work with Kepnes to smooth the transition.

“It’s my goal to catcher her up on everything Vernon,” Kepnes said.