Snow storms create salt shortages

| 19 Feb 2014 | 12:44

As repeated snow storms continue to slam the tri-state area, local stores are struggling to keep up with demands for driveway salt.

From New Jersey to New York to Pennsylvania, a salt shortage is in effect.

Out of stock
Tru Value Independence in Dingmans Ferry, Pa. is currently out of stock on salt and has been waiting for a new shipment for several weeks.

"It's been tougher this year because of the amount of snow and ice we've been having and also the freezing temps," said Nick Waldron an employee of Tru Value. "The warehouse is so far in the negative, we are waiting for them to get restocked and then we can get restocked."

Tru Value is not the only location struggling to keep up with demands. The Shop Rite of Chester is sold out including the Shop Rite, Walmart and Home Depot in Monroe, N.Y.

"We are completely sold out," said an employee at Wadeson's Home Center in Warwick, N.Y.

Wadeson's has been hit or miss the past couple of weeks in regards to salt and they have "no idea" when a new shipment will be coming in.

In stock
Despite the high commodity surrounding salt, some places have been lucky enough to offer bags for now.

"Right now we have salt but we keep selling out," said Sue Osczepinski, manager of Werners Tru Value in Florida, N.Y. "We've had a supply pretty much everyday expect one day last week."

Werners has been receiving steady shipments from pallets to full truck loads full of salt bags.

"Well until this week — a couple days ago — we have not had a problem with supply," said Osczepinski.

McAfee Hardware in Vernon also currently has salt in stock.

"We have been selling out," said Joe Sedlock, manager of McAfee Hardware. "We have 75 bags at 40 pounders in stock."

When the salt has been cleaned out, customers can be seen carting out bags of water softener pellets. However, the water softener pellets only work on asphalt driveways and surfaces. It will not work on concrete surfaces.

Kitty litter can also be used as an alternative for traction on the ice. However, it won't melt it.