Sussex agrees on water plant maintenance, improvements

| 28 Jan 2014 | 01:03

    The Borough Council unanimously gave apporval to negotiate with Agra Environmental Services in the event of emergency repairs at the Sussex Water Treatment Plant.

    Mayor Jonathan rose and Municipal Clerk/Administrator Mark Zschack have the authority to negotiate necessary changes to the existing agreement.

    In the near future, some leaking valves need to be fixed at the plant.

    Rose said that a problem exists with the process of washing the filters at the plant. Valves leak water at the wrong time during the backwashing process of the filters.

    Also, when a valve is off, only air should be forced on the filters in order to clean them.

    However, water leaks around the filters at the wrong time, churning up unwanted sand and anthracite which stick to the filters.

    Therefore, the valves need to be replaced in order to stop water from leaking and interfering with efficient filter cleaning.