Sussex agrees to spend $35K on new truck

| 06 Apr 2021 | 10:09

The Sussex Borough Council agreed to spend $35,000 on a new single-axle truck for its Department of Public Works.

Council president Walter Cleary said the borough is looking to buy a 2008 single-axle Mack truck with about 73,000 miles on it. The ordinance passed on March 16 in a 5-1 vote, with only Councilman Frank Dykstra opposing it.

When the ordinance was introduced on March 2, Dykstra said he was concerned whether the truck would get enough use to warrant its purchase.

Cleary said the DPW is wearing out its Mason dump trucks because they’re doing the work of larger trucks.

The ordinance authorizes the purchase and the maximum amount to be spent but doesn’t necessarily mean the borough will follow through with the purchase.

Borough resident Bryan Garnto recommended against buying a 12-year-old truck.

Cleary said, “If it doesn’t meet the right criteria, we’re not going to buy it.”