Sussex Borough to provide wastewater connections to Wantage companies

| 11 Feb 2014 | 01:11

    The Sussex Borough Council unanimously agreed to provide a wastewater connection to two companies in Wantage on Feb. 4.

    The borough will provide transmission lines to: Bicsak Brothers Realty, LLC and Main Land Sussex Company, LLC,

    Bicsak Brothers sells soil and rock, with a waste-water discharge of 49,000 gallons per day. Main Land Sussex Company is the site of the Wantage Plaza Shopping Center, with a wastewater discharge amount of 19,950 gallons per day.

    Currently, the Wantage Plaza /Shopping Center has four sewage holding tanks that are pumped regularly and waste is sent via a truck to the Sussex County Municipal Utility Authority Sewage Treatment Plant. In the future, Mainland will connect to SCUMA through the borough's wastewater transmission line.

    A special ordinance was approved because the properties are in Wantage and the Borough of Sussex has extra wastewater capacity to sell outside the borough for additional revenue.