Sussex may give credits to water customers

Sussex. Mayor Edward Meyer said it is unfair to charge customers for water used to clear water lines after a line break.

Sussex /
| 27 Oct 2020 | 02:26

The Sussex Borough Council discussed giving credits for water used to cleanse water lines, which is needed to clear discoloration after water main breaks.

Councilman Walter Cleary brought it up after a recent break on Cedar Avenue that affected his home. The contractors told him to run the water to clear the lines.

“I cannot consume down to the sewer, yet I am paying for that water,” Cleary said. “All of you are paying for this water. I believe going forward we should look into passing a resolution that the homeowner gets reimbursement for line breakage in the street.”

Councilwoman Linda Masson said she was affected by that break as well; she was told to run the water for five minutes, which didn’t fix the problem. She said she had to go out and buy bottled water.

Cleary said he ran his sink water for about 30 minutes. Council President said Robert Holowach said that would burn 330 gallons and cost only about $4.

“That’s something we have to talk to the vendor about,” he said.

Fronheiser asked if the fire hydrant could be used to clear out the lines in that kind of situation.

Holowach said that would clear out the line, but the service lines to homes are polluted as well. “I’m kind of surprised we didn’t have a boil-water advisory,” he said.

Mayor Edward Meyer said they need to find out how other water companies handle credits. Councilman Mario Poggi said the sewer side would have to be credited as well.

“It is unfair if people have to run water to clear it and then have to pay for it,” Meyer said.