Tammy Witters

| 24 Oct 2019 | 03:43

Office Sought: Vernon Township Board of Education

Age: 47

Political History: Volunteer with the School Community Association in Vernon School District, served one year as recording secretary at Rolling Hills Primary School. Volunteer as a coach for soccer, lacrosse, and running teams in Vernon.

Occupation: Employed at Newton Medical Center in the Psychiatric Emergency Services Department as a Screener and Crisis Counselor, completing evaluations and risk assessments on children referred from the school systems as well as children and adults referred from the community.

Education: I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology, both from Montclair State University.

Family: I have lived in Vernon for over 15 years with my husband and three daughters, twins who are in 10th grade at Vernon Township High School and a 7th grade daughter at Glen Meadow Middle School.

Top Three Issues: 1. It is our role to focus on improving students’ achievement and preparing them for the future within the constraints of fiscal responsibility to the community. We must weigh the benefits and the costs and consider the long term implications of spending, especially in light of cuts in aid. Simple solutions are not always the best decision, such as cutting the hours Aides to the detriment of our students. I have no conflicts so can participate in all votes which some candidates and current board members cannot do. 2. It is a priority to provide a safe environment for children, educators and staff. Safety involves bullying, drugs, police involvement, disciplinary actions, and physical safety. We should continually evaluate, update and improve our safety policies. 3. We are one community which includes having a school system that people are proud of and want to be a part of. We need school spirit and to see more community at all school events. We need to improve engagement with the community including educators, parents, students, and community members. This will benefit Vernon by retaining our students and educators as well as attracting new families to our district, making our community strong.