Town Council sets pay ranges for key positions

VERNON. Council members pointed out that this action does not mean the people in those positions are getting raises.

Vernon /
| 01 Jul 2022 | 03:46

The Vernon Township Council on June 27 passed a salary ordinance, establishing pay ranges for specific township officers and employees for 2022.

The two highest ranges were chief of police, which can range from $165,000 to $195,000, and the business administrator, which may garner a salary from $90,000 to $140,000.

Councilman Brian Lynch said that the establishment of this ordinance does not mean any employees are getting pay raises.

“These are guidelines that are used when determining a salary for someone,” Lynch said. “These are not raises for these people. These employees are not getting raises.”

Council Vice President Natalie Buccieri asked if employees were getting performance reviews. Mayor Howard Burrell said the administration was looking at implementing an employee review process as soon as possible.

“What made sense to me was, rather than looking at what the steps are for union employees, applying that percentage to everyone, perhaps everyone does not deserve a 2 percent raise,” Burrell said. “Some people may deserve 3 percent. Some people may deserve none. You cannot make that determination without some kind of formalized review formula.”