Unlikely art in Vernon

Vernon. A piece of art hangs in Vernon on an incline at the corner of MacPeek and Sandhill Roads.

Vernon /
| 16 Jan 2020 | 01:21

At a fork in the road at MacPeek and Sandhill Roads, set up on an incline in a mostly wooded area is an unlikely art masterpiece. It resembles a type of hippie, Woodstock version with a clear-cut message stating Grow Love.

The combination of green, yellow, hot pink and red show a creeping vine blooming into a multi-colored heart.

Quite expressive, yet the artist remains unknown. On closer inspection, the art work is simply signed Art Heals. Not a person but a concept introduced over three decades ago by Shaun McNiff, the granddaddy of creative arts therapy. McNiff, a college professor and Phd. at Lesley University is the author of books entitled Art as Medicine, Art as Research, Integrating Art in Therapy and of course Art Heals.

It’s pleasant to be able to view the artwork and the sentiment in such an unlikely location.