Vernon appoints new dispute volunteers

| 09 Apr 2018 | 12:49

The Vernon Town Council issued three proclamations appointing new Community Dispute Resolution Committee Volunteers.
Court Administrator Donna Zuidema issued the proclamations to Carol King, Lynn Negele, and John Hackett.
The CDRC is a volunteer citizen committee appointed by Municipal Court to help resolve minor disputes between private citizens. The purpose of the CDRC is to aid the citizenry to resolve disputes rather than going through the formal court proceedings.
According to the Vernon Township website, the CDRC is an ideal mediation process to resolve neighborhood disputes, business/consumer complaints, simple harassment/trespassing, dog/noise complaints, bad checks, or landlord/tenant disputes.
The CDRC was formed in 1997.
King has served on the committee for 21 years, since its’ inception.
Both Negele and Hackett have served on the committee for 17 years each.