Vernon approves fuel agreement with VTSD

Vernon. The Vernon Township Council approved an agreement to allow the Vernon Township School District to refuel vehicles at its new fuel stsation through June 30, 2028.

| 21 Nov 2022 | 12:01

The Vernon Township Council on Nov. 10 unanimously approved an agreement that will allow the Vernon Township School District to refill its vehicles at the township’s diesel fuel station.

The contract, which is valid through June 30, 2028, was approved by the Board of Education on Oct. 13.

Initial talks were held several months ago, but didn’t end in a deal. In the last two months Board of Education President Kelly Mitchell took charged of the school board’s liaison committee and worked with the township to reach an agreement.

“I think that’s a great working together between the two government entities, which is good for the taxpayer,” said Council Vice President Natalie Buccieri, previously a member of the Board of Education. “It saves money for the taxpayer by working together like that.”

The contract allows the school district to access the township’s gasoline and diesel pumping station on a 24/7 basis. Each school vehicle will be required to have its own electronic fob to track the amount of fuel for each vehicle. The fobs cost $6.

Payment for fuel will be based upon usage at the township’s per gallon purchase rate plus 5 cents. The school district also is required to pay a capital fee of $141.35 per month.