Vernon approves watershed grant contract

Vernon. The Vernon Township Council approved a contract with Princeton Hydro to develop a watershed management plan and complete a scope of work. The grant is specifically for the watershed.

| 05 Oct 2022 | 02:04

The Vernon Township Council on Sept. 26 approved a contract with Princeton Hydro to develop a to complete a watershed management plan, a swell as complete a scope of work to fulfill Highlands Council grant requirements.

According to Mayor Howard Burrell, Princeton Hydro will help identify, quantify and prioritize the factors that cause excessive richness of nutrients in lakes or other bodies of water, which could result in a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from a lack of oxygen.

They also will identify what watershed management measures that are needed to address water quality impairments and identify how much it would cost to enact the recommended watershed measures.

“Princeton Hydro is so confident in their work that they sign agreements with Highlands Region located towns in which they don’t get paid unless their scope of work submission is approved for a grant by the Highlands Water and Protection Planning Council and all of the payment they receive comes from the grant,” Burrell said.

Township Councilman Mike Furrey said Princeton Hydro is one of the best water management countries in the country. He did ask if there were any plans to examine the impact of septic systems on the lakes.

Business Administrator Charles Voelker said the grant is specifically for the watershed, but it was suggested that Vernon should apply for a separate grant to examine septic systems.