Vernon council approves retail cannabis commerce

Vernon. The updated measure will allow up to three retail and medical marijuana dispensaries in certain zones of Vernon Township.

| 21 Sep 2021 | 11:37

The Vernon Township Council on Sept. 13 approved the retail sale of cannabis products in the township.

The ordinance passed, 3-2, with Councilwomen Toni Cilli and Kelly Weller voting against it.

The council’s previous ordinance didn’t allow any retail sales in the township. The new ordinance allows three total cannabis retailers and medical dispensaries as a conditional use in all commercial and retail zones. Retailers shall be separate and distinct from growing operations.

Cannabis consumption is also prohibited onsite.

They also can not be located less than 2,000 feet from a school, public park, public ball field, childcare center or the Vernon PAL facility.

The ordinance also calls for 15 percent of the tax on the gross sales of retail cannabis to be put toward training Vernon Township police officers, drug recognition experts, and substance abuse educational programs.

The ordinance also allocates 10 percent of tax revenue to the Municipal Zoning Department for administration and enforcement.

Last November, more than 70 percent of Vernon Township voters supported the statewide proposition to legalize marijuana.