Vernon schools receive $350K grant

Vernon. After several failed attempts, the district managed to secure a 21st Century Life and Careers grant, which will be used at Glen Meadow Middle School for student and parent programs.

Vernon /
| 30 Jul 2021 | 01:27

The Vernon Township School District has received a state grant that it will use for after-school programs at Glen Meadow Middle School to help economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and students struggling academically.

At Vernon’s July 15 school board meeting, Superintendent Karen D’Avino and Assistant Superintendent Charles McKay said the district will receive a $350,000 grant from 21st Century Life and Careers, added to New Jersey Core Curriculum in 2009 to prepare students for a competitive worldwide marketplace, information-driven service economy, and diverse communities and workplaces.

The grant covers programs that will run in 2021-22 and a summer program in July 2022. McKay said a farming program will be tied into a farm at Glenwood Mountain. “We are working with the family there so they will bring some programs to the students as well,” he said.

McKay said other programs will allow students to build robots and work in teams, with programs for both parents and students. There may be programs about parental involvement, absenteeism, and socio-emotional learning. Opportunities will be offered to all Glen Meadow families.

The district had applied for the grant at least two other previous times without success. “This is a really big deal,” McKay said. “It’s really a nice grant, and I’m delighted that we won.”