Vernon to get more properties on the tax rolls

| 24 Apr 2013 | 02:54

    Attorneys for Vernon have been working feverishly to foreclose on township-owned properties that aren't yeilding any tax revenue. According to Mayor Victor Marotta, the township owns over 400 properties that are not bringing in any tax revenue and are actually costing money. Even though the township is not receiving tax payments on those properties it is still required to pay their county and school taxes.

    At Monday night’s council meeting, two properties were brought before the council as first reading ordinances to be auctioned off. Marotta explained that adjoining property owners have been coming forward seeking to buy these adjacent lots, which would increase the size of their properties. Marotta said there would be no minimum bid required on the properties, which will be scheduled to be auctioned off on June 10.

    The winning buyer will be required to pay a fee of $450 to cover the cost to the township for document preparation and transaction costs.

    The properties are commonly known as 10 Barberry Street (block 90.05, Lot 5 on the township’s tax maps) and 8 Clover Lane/2 Gilbert Drive (block 83.08, Lot 2).

    Council member Dan Kadish described the properties as “jungles” which are being used as dumping grounds.