VTHS holds National Honor Society inductions

Vernon. On a breezy day, 35 Vernon Township High School students were inducted to the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society.

| 27 May 2021 | 04:18

It was a beautiful breezy day in May when Vernon Township High School held its first outdoor Induction Ceremony for the National Honor Society.

Thirty-five students were honored for their academic, community and character excellence in a ceremony that put the new advisors, Erin Hill and Kelsey Falkowski,,to the pandemic challenge – how to adapt the traditionally solemn and formal ambiance to the school’s football stadium. The candle lighting ceremony had to be altered to flameless candles and the traditional choir robe attire was swapped for the students’ own fashion choices. The Jazz Band was enlisted to complement the ceremony.

NHS Chapter president Julia Contino was assisted in the induction by fellow officers, Cynthia Schneider, vice president, Kayla Barca, treasurer, and Mia Annunziata, secretary.

The inductees were: Wayne Bardowell, Emma Blaine, Danielle Bruce, Anna Casper, Michael Cheng, Marissa Costa, Joseph Dunlop, Mason Freifelder, Julia Gregory, Danielle Guercio, Reagan Hamilton, Natalie Hasert, Anmarie Kaczor, Raymond Kerrison, Grace Kim, Angelina Koppel, Madison MacPherson, Jacob Mann, Alexander McCann, Emma McKeon, Margaret Previglian, Monica Salazar, Wesley Sanders, Ayden Steinbach, Antonia Tucci, Vjosa Ukella, Brianna Van Orden, Cristian Vintimilla, Alexa Vizzini, Riley Wallace, Zachary Waschek, Megan Westdyke, Caitlin Witters, Kelly Witters, and Nadine Yamout.