Wantage tax reassessment completed

| 03 Feb 2014 | 03:47

    The township reassessment has been completed and the tax assessor will send out notificatiions later this month.

    Sussex County Tax Board President John Fierro told the Wantage Committee on Jan. 30 the county needed to be reassessed because of the decline in the properties' market value. The goal is consistency and to make sure no one is overasseessed.

    Tax assessor Kristy Lockburner will send out the final green card with the certified final value around Feb. 15. Citizens who want to file an appeal with the County Board of Taxation may do so by May 1.

    "It's been a rough go," Mayor William DeBoer said. "Hopefully everything will turn out fine."

    Fierro emphasized to the Wantage Committee to stay out of getting involved with problems regarding the new assessed values. People would need to get an answer from the County Board of Taxation, not the Wantage Committee.