Water tank inspections to cost Ogdensburg $100K

Ogdensburg. The Ogdensburg Borough Council discussed many items at its council meeting on Sept. 28, including water tanks, retirements, walking paths and other issues.

| 05 Oct 2020 | 12:01

Inspections for the large and small water tanks are expectected to cost the borough about $100,000, Ogdensburg Common Council President Michale Nardini announced on Monday, Sept. 28.

However, he said, they are continuing to research what work needs to be completed immediately. He added that both old, concrete tanks are in great shape, without signs of cracks. The borough needs to clean the smaller tank for under $3,000 and verify that nothing is hiding underneath the sediment.

Other possible next steps are to, clean out over three inches of sediment in the big tank, add OSHA signage requirements, clean and power wash the exteriors for around $6,000, inspect the tanks every 3-5 years, and buy an exterior valve.

Nardini said the lifeguard shack exterior was scheduled to be finished by the Oct. 2.

Nardini said he and Hutnick met with Franklin to begin exploring shared services with other towns.

Walking Path

Mayor George Hutnick said the Land Use Board was receptive to the walking path idea around the firehouse park field, suggested by Borough Clerk Robin Hough.

The path would allow people to exercise without leaving the borough, Hutnick added, while their children play in the park. Additionally, the borough needs to measure how many times around the track equals a mile, and Officials will continue to review the possibility.

New fire engine

After officials discussed the timing of the sales agreement with HME Incorporated and necessary resolutions, they agreed the check could be cut on Nov. 9.

The Class A upper fire apparatus should be available around Sept. or Oct., ten months from the purchase order.

Land Use Board stakeholder meeting

Hutnick said the Land Use Board is working in conjunction with local businesses and the town council to offer more to borough residents and make the town more attractive to outside people moving in or opening a business.

Furthermore, the Land Use Board survey went to residents in the borough’s fall flyer and is also available on the website.

Hutnick said the engineering firm has surveyed local businesses regarding what they would like the town to do. They have also worked on the development plan, involving all historical aspects of the town. In addition, they are working with the county and state regarding recreation, including hiking and biking trails.

Playground safety

Nardini said they cannot remove the slide and blocked it with plywood in order to keep people safe. They hope to replace it with grant money.

Councilwoman Rachel Slater said young people requested lights on the basketball court, so they can play basketball.

Tunnel Signage

Hutnick said the signage is underway, with improvements to the current signs. They are waiting for materials to arrive.

ORA Garage Sale

Hutnick said the sale will be Oct. 17. Rain date is Oct. 18.

Salt shed roof

Councilman Anthony Nasisi said the salt shed roof is finished.

Predmore Road

Mayor George Hutnick said the project is a work in progress, as they wait for the state to move forward with inspections.