Mark Thogode wins 10-week Sussex County ‘Y Weight Challenge'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:44

    BRANCHVILLE — Mark Thogode, a Branchville dentist, has won the 10-week Sussex County YMCA “Y Weight Challenge.” The contest featured eight contestants in small groups with YMCA personal trainers Karen Verbeke and Michael Tedesco, participating in a weight loss and healthy lifestyle program. “With instruction and enthusiasm from our personal trainers, Mark lost over 27 pounds and gained an incredible amount of confidence,” said YMCA Health and Wellness Director Alma Dhuyvetter. “His success was also achieved by his own commitment to a new healthy lifestyle and from the support of other team members of the Y Weight Challenge. We knew the program would be effective when we created it, but it’s wonderful to see how contagious inspiration can be.” Thogode saw the flyer at the Y while waiting for his son at swim practice. “As I get older, I find it harder and harder to lose weight and I needed something different,” said Thogode. “The Y Weight Challenge proved not only to be an exercise program, but a life-changing experience for me. “Trainers Karen and Mike were very encouraging and focused on getting our whole group in shape. I am very excited I won and that everyone else in the group did well on the program. In addition to losing weight, my body fat percentage decreased and my HDL increased much to the delight of my cardiologist.” As winner, Thogode gets to continue the next 10 week program of the Y Weight Challenge for free. The program consists of a small team of YMCA members and two experienced personal trainers who meet twice a week for detailed fitness training, weigh-ins and consultations with a registered dietician. Participants are required to take other YMCA exercise classes throughout the week and to record their food intake and to remain in touch with their trainers with any questions or concerns. Dhuyvetter said the YMCA’s approach to health and wellness “is not just a weight-loss, get-toned program but a comprehensive lifestyle change. Personal training can be tailored for individual sessions, duet training and small groups.” Programs include improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing strength and flexibility, losing weight and increasing overall feelings of wellness. For more information, call 973-209-9622.