Mother Nature tests Franklinites

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:53

FRANKLIN — Last Saturday was one of those days when Mother Nature just couldn’t decide what she wanted to do with the weather. And, unfortunately, those attending Franklin Nite got to experience her indecision on a first-hand basis. Alternating between passing sun and showers, the afternoon was a challenge to the attendees and vendors who really wanted to keep themselves and their wares as dry as possible. Overall however, the day was a success. Held near the pond in the borough park, the day included food and fun followed by a schedule of music and fireworks for the evening. Highlights included a petting zoo, inflatable rides, a dunking tank, and “TaLOOlah the Clown,” who spent the afternoon making her popular balloon creations. The early part of the day began with competitions for youngsters who will represent the town. The winner for Little Miss Franklin was Mia Martin, age 6. Little Mister Franklin was Jacob Banfield, also age 6. Kristina Garrera was selected to be Junior Miss Franklin and Courtney Cholminski was named Miss Franklin and will represent the borough at the New Jersey State Fair.