Musicians honored in Tri-M ceremony

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:48

    VERNON-Chapter 1480 of the International Tri-M Honor Society at Vernon Township High School held its Thirteenth Annual Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, June 9. The society's goals include recognizing outstanding musical achievement, promoting involvement in musical activities, and maintaining high standards of musical artistry. Students selected for membership in Tri-M are chosen based on five points of distinction: scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership, and service. Sixteen new members were inducted into the society: Virginia Bosch, Raymond Devlin, Christopher Henckel, Jennifer LaMonica, Krista Lewie-Cepero, Patrick Linfante, Kurt Lortz, Laura Mayfield, Molly Siegrist, Austin Morton, Joseph Pisco, Glenn Puzio, Lauren Ritter, Adam Romano, Aimee Rothstadt, and Katherine Schneider. Thirty-one continuing members were acknowledged in the ceremony in which senior members received alumni pins and graduation Tri-M cords. Katherine Bergmann, Kimberly Botsko, Stephanie Montanye, William Start, Christopher Szot, Daniel Teza, and Erica VanderKnokke were recognized as third-year members. Second-year members recognized were Thomas Baumann, Brittany Beattie, Kevin Boehm, Pamela Callow, Tina Cosa, Kari Dalane, Sinead Fortune, Robyn Giannini, Christopher Howard, Noel Lethbridge, Beth Lincoln, Anna Mathews, Valerie Miebach, Sabrina Moran, Matthew O'Connor, Michael Passaretti, Emilie Peterson, Anthony Piccirillo, Samantha Ross, Joseph Santanello, Amy Schultz, Kellie Shane, Rachel Whitty, and Adam Wiezbicki.