NJ quality of life issue

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:11

    I just can’t seem to comprehend why the majority of our elected officials seem to think it is unacceptable for taxpaying residents of our state to have the freedom to take the kids and the dog for a walk with us in the woods on even one day of the week. Prior to passing legislation to allow hunting on Sundays (no day of rest for either us or the animals, I guess) and decreasing the safety perimeter to a mere 150 feet, six days were open to hunting. Now it seems those who do not participate in that sport are simply invisible and inconsequential. Since there may not be an opportunity anymore to wait for our Sunday walk in the woods, the only choice left is to walk any old day of the week and imply take our chances of injury or worse. Incredible that a percentage of the population can deprive the rest of us of our rights, all sanctioned by the elected governmental officials who are supposed to represent us. Maybe it really is time to sell the old New Jersey homestead after all. Jennifer Downing Stockholm