Now's the time to show the money on dam repair

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:53

    To the Editor: Since I am not beyond criticizing the members of the Wantage Township Committee when they do something that I believe is not in the best interests of us taxpayers, like adopting a $1,275,000 bond ordinance on top of an already excessive 7.89 percent municipal tax increase, I should be willing to acknowledge when they do something that is clearly in the best interests of us Wantage Township taxpayers. Parker, Clara, and Bill, thank you for rescinding Ordinance 2008-16, which had authorized the township to co-sign a loan for the repair of a privately owned dam, thereby removing the threat of a special assessment on hundreds of property owners/taxpayers in Wantage’s R2 Zone. These property owners/taxpayers should not be penalized just because they chose to purchase a lower-priced home in Wantage’s R2 Zone. That said, I sincerely hope that the Friends of Lake Neepaulin can come up with a plan to pay for the repair of their privately owned dam, thereby keeping Lake Neepaulin for their personal recreation and pleasure and for future generations. Okay, those people who have been mouthing off that they are only too willing to pay for the repair of the Lake Neepaulin Dam, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. Unless the money is actually in their bank account, the Friends cannot count on it. Again, Parker, Clara and Bill, thank you! William H. Gettler Wantage Township