Opposition continues against dam tax

| 22 Feb 2012 | 07:56

    Wantage — Lake Neepaulin residents opposed to a special tax assessment to pay for dam repairs continue to press their case before the Wantage Township Committee. Some 25 Township residents attended the Jan. 29 Township Committee meeting and a few voiced opposition to the special tax that was approved by the committee on Oct. 30. Some residents are contesting the tax, which would affect the entire Lake Neepaulin community. The dam is technically owned by the Friends of Lake Neepaulin, an association that represents approximately 100 of the 720 residents of the community. Wantage Township Mayor Parker Space tried to calm concerned residents at last week’s meeting, telling them “there’s nothing set in stone that this (dam repair or subsequent tax assessment) is even going to happen.” When contacted by telephone after the meeting, Space said the township is “waiting to see” if the Friends of Lake Neepaulin is able to obtain a loan on its own from the state to conduct dam repairs.