Pool owner thanks volunteer firefighters for water fill

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:44

    In response the photos and article in last week’s Advertiser-News regarding the Franklin firemen putting water in our pool: For the past 17 years we have filled our pool with collected rain water, with the exception of the initial fill when we purchased water from “Water Boy.” This spring after I had an extended stay in the hospital, we had two immediate family members die within two weeks. We just were unable to collect enough rain water to fill our pool the last eight inches. We do not have city water and cannot just flip a hose in and crank on the faucet. We turned to our firemen for assistance. They said if we didn’t mind pond water, they would be happy to help us. Shame on Dawn Inglis, who pulled up in front of our house and started screaming and yelling at the firemen and my husband, accusing everyone of underhanded wrongdoing for putting water in our pool. Miss Inglis was belligerent, nasty and very rude. She never asked one question, just yelled and screamed at everyone, acting totally out of control. To the Franklin volunteer firemen we say thank you and God bless you for all the things you do for our community! Don’t let people like Miss Inglis crush your community spirit. Oh yes, and for all those wondering, we donated $100 to our Franklin Volunteer Fire Department for the eight inches of pond water. David & Lisa Kisch Franklin