Postal supervisor applauds all who helped gather and deliver food

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:30

On behalf of all the employees of the Hamburg Post Office, I would like to say “Thank You” to all the residents of Hamburg who contributed food to the annual “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive that was held this past Saturday. Through your generosity our carriers were able to collect over 2,500 pounds of food! The collected food was then distributed to local food pantries, who are serving more people now than ever before. While you may never know the people that you helped, rest assured that you made a difference to someone in a time of need. I applaud you all. This was the 17th year of the food drive, with over 909 million pounds of food collected over that period of time. It must be noted that participating offices do so voluntarily, the decision rests with the employees to participate. This was Hamburg’s second year of involvement, due in large part to the Food Drive Coordinator, Bridgit Chubay. Bridgit spent a lot of time and dedication in arranging for the promotion of the drive and the distribution of the food to local pantries. She encouraged her fellow carriers to ask their customers to assist the effort. As a result, over 15 local groups and businesses helped with promotion of the event and/or collection of food. This was truly a community effort, made possible by our postal employees, area groups and businesses and most importantly, the residents of Hamburg who gave generously to help those folks and families who are struggling through these difficult times. Finally, Thank You to all Hamburg carriers and clerks. I am proud of every one of you. Your efforts and concern made the food drive a success. Without you it could not have happened. I look forward to next year’s drive in anticipation of surpassing this year’s total. With your help, and with the help of the residents of Hamburg, I have no doubt that we will accomplish that goal. Once again, Thank You all for making a difference. Vince Schneider Supervisor Customer Services Hamburg Post Office