Reader takes Wantage leaders to task

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:50

    Heads are shaking in disbelief at how Wantage Township leaders lacked the confidence and control to make a law abiding, logical decision on an issue that has been able to be handled by towns with dams throughout the state in an orderly and respectful manner. “ It’s a sad, it’s really a sad commentary on the sense of community, on the sense of responsibility of the vast majority of people at Lake Neepaulin, that back in 1969, instead of there being a broad-base community corporation formed, people weren’t willing to do that and it was left to 16 or 17 people to try to put something together and make the thing work.” From the late Judge Reginald Stanton, J.S.C., Docket No. C-4130-77 Dated: February 4, 1981. This is an eerie example of the animosity that has plagued our community and township for the past 40 years. It seems that this attitude continues to this day, with loud, unsubstantiated, inflammatory statements with no factual merit, which our leaders allowed without backup support. The opponents were given, unjustly, more acknowledgement and credence than the proof of facts that supported the repairs of the dam. Something as simple as distinguishing the difference between a non-profit and private ownership was allowed into the committee’s vocabulary and was partly the blame that fueled the anger by some. It is a shame when a price can be put on someone’s integrity. As Township of Wantage Committee leaders, you have an obligation to uphold your oath of office, to earn and maintain the confidence of the people you represent, not engage in conduct that violates the public trust or creates an appearance of impropriety. What new evidence has transpired since the inception and unanimous approval of the first ordinance and will this evidence be upheld through the judicial process? Without an scapegoat (the Friends of Lake Neepaulin, a non-profit) the focus is now on you, the Committee, Administrator, and legal counsel. I, along with many other taxpayers, will hold you fully responsible for any and all aftermath, which you our leaders created and cultured. Your action or inaction to act in the best interest of the citizens you represent, will become the subject of third party intervention and exposure to a host of lawsuits. Will this become the legacy for Parker Space, Clara Nuss, William DeBoer and James Doherty? Peter Johr Wantage