Reader urges a vote for Neil Desmond

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:34

    Vernon Republicans, please vote for Neil Desmond for Vernon Town Council — he’s the only candidate with experience. Abysmal inexperience led to squashing a completed deal for town center water. No one knows how to leverage tax pilots — a program with benefits lasting 30 years that could have assured most of us tax relief for the rest of our lives. Do we even need to discuss their turning a blind eye to corruption? Now they’ve again contracted for an investigation of township expenses. I realize this is largely what they are good at, but how many times are we supposed to pay for this? Where is the vision, a sense of direction? Neil is a project manager by trade and knows how to get things done. Neil has enormous courage and he is smart, with a keen sense of right and wrong. Neil is no one’s hack and despises back-room politics. The dirty tricks have already begun. Campaign signs costing thousands have been stolen to benefit the “Vernon Regular Republican Organization” candidates. But the name sounds good, doesn’t it? This is a Primary — All the candidates are Republicans! But this ploy always works. So does running on a “ticket.” Neil is running alone. It takes a special approach to win that way. So it’s up to you Vernon. You can elect Neil Desmond, but to do it, you need to bullet vote just him. That way the next highest guy will complete your custom ticket. If you don’t do that, the inertia of the party name and the assumption that you have to vote for two people will give the ticket the votes to win. Just ask yourself, is the town moving in the direction you want it to? Have you had enough yet? It’s time to get back on track, and this is how you fight back: You stop electing hacks and you start walking the walk, one candidate at a time, electing good candidates who represent the party with truth, dignity and genuine Republican values. Neil Desmond is that kind of candidate. Janet Morrison Vernon